Roach and Insect Elimination Facts

Roaches and Insects

Total elimination is your only option when dealing with cockroaches and other insects. This is especially true for businesses in food service, hospitality, and healthcare whose success hinges on cleanliness. That’s why we use only the most effective bait system to deal with roaches. Part of the strength of our bait system is the “domino effect” it has on roaches and insects.

The Domino Effect
a. Roaches feed on bait.
b. Contaminated roaches go back to the harborage and die.
c. Other roaches feed on or touch the contaminated dead/dying roaches.
d. The contaminated roaches die and are fed on or touched by other roaches.
e. More contaminated roaches die and are fed on or touched by other roaches.
f. And so on . . . This chain reaction extends the reach of the bait using roaches to kill other roaches.

Liberty Pest Control baits kill cockroaches from “direct exposure” and through “secondary exposure” to delayed action active ingredients. Roaches who eat or simply touch the bait, live long enough to return to the harborage, where additional roaches are killed by “secondary exposure” when they contact or eat the carcasses of  “directly” exposed ones.

Cockroaches and ants can be killed without direct contact to bait placements by these routes of secondary exposure:
Cannibalism: Feeding on other individuals of the same species
Trophallaxis: Food exchange from one insect to another.
Coprophagy: One insect eating the feces of another.
Cross Contact: One exposed insect simply touching another.
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