Service with nothing but Excellence in mind for your Hospitality business.

Your reputation means everything to us.

All it takes is just one incident to stain your property's reputation. In NYC, you don't always get a second chance. Open channels of communication between management and our support staff is integral to the success of a well thought out Pest Management Solution for your property.

Our bi-lingual Bed Bug ID Kit ensures your staff will have the background and knowledge to reliably give management accurate descriptions of any issues that may arise.

We are aware how important discretion is when treating a hotel. Our K-9 service is available with flexible scheduling, 24 hours a day.


Your reputation is everything to your guests and we understand the importance of a timely response. We are available 24/7.


Discretion is key for our hotel and hospitality customers.


We have the ability to provide you with secure and discreet K-9 inspections with a versatile schedule to meet your demands.


Bi-Lingual Bed Bug ID Kit