How can I request a Free Inspection?

You can call us anytime at (800) 595-4NYC

What are your hours of operation?

We are open 24/7. Our technicians work around the clock.

How can I tell if there are bedbugs in my house?

The simplest way is to look for castings and blood spots on bedroom linen. We have trained technicians and bedbug dogs available on call to verify your concerns any time.

I keep my house very clean yet I still have roaches. Why are they still around?

Having a clean house will not eradicate roaches entering your home since they are looking for food, shelter and water to survive. If it is a larger cockroach you are seeing, they are coming from the outside to the inside, through windows or doors that might not be sealed properly when shut, or through attics, basements, etc. If it is the smaller German cockroach, they can be brought in on groceries, bags, furniture, etc.

How do pests travel in buildings?

By using plumbing and heating pipes, electrical conduits and through walls and mouldings, a highway is created that allows them to move freely undisturbed.