Sanitation Guidelines for Pest Management

1. Clean all food debris from grills, pans, dishes, tables and other surfaces at the end of each day

.2. Scrape and pressure-wash greasy build-ups from grills, stoves and fryers weekly.

3. Keep floors clean, including the floor under tables and equipment, especially along walls.

4. Keep floor drains clean. Treat with drain cleaner and flush weekly to prevent unsanitary build-ups in pipes.

5. Do not allow beverages, wash water and water from leaks to puddle on floors under equipment. Mop up all standing water and beverage spills nightly. Repair leaks as soon as possible.

6. Use a laundry cart for soiled rags, aprons, napkins and tablecloths. Do not throw them in a heap on the floor. Launder cloth items frequently.

7. Do not store things in cardboard boxes. Store items on open wire racks and metal shelving whenever possible. Do not store things on the floor.

8. Keep trash away from the building.

9. Keep outside doors closed. Doors that stay open for ventilation must have tight fitting screen doors. Use screen inserts for windows that stay open.

10. Replace white lights with yellow lights above service and delivery entrances. Yellow light at-tracts fewer insects at night.

11. Report exact locations of pest sightings to the manager and to the pest control contact person. Do not apply insecticides yourself.

12. Do not move or tamper with the pest control devices (i.e., bait stations and traps) installed by the service technicians.